Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Generalization of the Day 

For some reason, I'm always interested in different labels that get slapped on a group of people. Being a single Twentysomething, the newest term, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald, got my attention:

You're in your late 20s, maybe even your 30s, but you think like a teenager. You are without serious commitments - no mortgage, no kids - and you live with your parents, so you have plenty of cash to spend on clothes, phones and music players.

You'd like to be famous, for example, by getting on a show like Big Brother, although you're not much of a TV watcher. You tend to go to the pub or a bistro after work, and when you get home, you're more likely to turn on the internet than the telly.

If that's a description of you, you're an adultescent. If you recognise the description, you may be the parent of an adultescent, wondering when he or she is going to leave home. You're unlikely to be the child of an adultescent, because they don't have children.

The advertising industry estimates that 1.5 million Australians fit the description, and it is in the process of devising ways to separate them from their money

Adultescent? OK, so I'm basically all of those things, except I don't live with my parents. But I have plenty of friends who do. I don't think any worse of them, and I think most people don't spend enough time with their family anyway. And I'm not selfish, either, really I'm not! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to buy an HDTV and see if I can get on the next American Idol.

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