Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Stir Crazy 

It's been a few days since I posted, and part of that time I spent with old college friends. One of them came up to visit me, and the next day I traveled to L.A. to see another. It was great hanging out, but breaking out of my day-to-day routine for a couple days was as nearly as rewarding as spending time out with them. I've spent the past few months either looking for work or busy at work, so I haven't traveled hardly any. After awhile I get stir crazy and need to leave town, even if home is a place as nice as the San Francisco Bay Area.

With all the difficult times the whole country has had the last couple of years, it seems like I'm not the only one who is ready to get out of town. People will always need a break from the rat race, or that trip to Grandma's, gas prices be damned. Too bad we all end up traveling at the same time, and have to deal with crowds and stress at a time that should be stress-free. But I guess that's life. Happy traveling this summer season!

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