Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Too Much Free Time 

Yes, I joined the rest of the world and started a blog, which probably means I have too much free time. I don't know if it will be a "What I had for lunch" kind of blog, or a "What I think about current events" blog. Probably a little of both, and various other random rants and musings.

About me: A typical boring existence as a Twentysomething spoiled white male American living in Fremont, California. I'm sure millions (billions) of people around the would give anything for "boring." I graduated from UC-Santa Barbara a few years back, so Exgaucho (a reference to the school mascot) is as good a name for me to take as any. I have a degree in Aquatic (aka Marine) Biology, but I'm currently working in the real world in the biotech/pharma industry (more on all that later). Politically, I am a dying breed that refuses to be a slave to either party or ideology: a (gasp) centrist! I think that is more than plenty from a blogging novice for the time being.......

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