Friday, June 25, 2004

Britney: Stepmom? 

Britney Spears once again proves that she’s going to make for a ridiculously funny future episode of Behind the Music. Today, her record label announced she's engaged to dancer Kevin Federline. This makes one and a half marriages for Britney, who in January annulled a 55-hour marriage with childhood friend Jason Alexander. Too bad for her that the official slogan of Vegas, “What happens here, stays here” didn’t apply to her then.

Her hubby-to-be Federline has an interesting past himself. His ex-girlfriend is actress Shar Jackson from the TV show Moesha. The two have a two-year-old daughter, and Shar is expecting to have Federline’s second child in July. At least she isn’t bitter:

The gracious Jackson has been quoted as declaring Federline and Spears are "made for each other."
"You both smoke, you both drink and you both cheated on significant others after three years," Jackson told Us Weekly in April, apparently referencing herself and Spears' former beau, Justin Timberlake.
Jackson issued just one ultimatum to the twosome: "There are two little kids--she [Spears] better be prepared to babysit."

There’s nothing like watching an impending train wreck. Get the diapers and the prenup ready.

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