Thursday, July 01, 2004

Coach K to the Lakers? 

There has been plenty of media hype surrounding the possibility of Duke Mens' Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski filling the LA Lakers coaching vacancy. Nobody ever says being a Laker fan is boring. There's Kobe's legal issues, Shaq wants to leave, Karl Malone may or may not retire, and now no Phil Jackson to hold everything together. It's been a tough month for Laker fans. My take on Coach K is that he should probably stay put. Very few coaches have successfully made the transition from NCAA to NBA, and I see Krzyzewski's biggest talents wasted in the pro game. He is best at molding young kids into mature basketball players and men, and I'm pessimistic that NBA youngsters will listen and be patient with him. However, I don't blame him if he wants to try. He may feel he's accomplished everything he can at Duke, and the extra money sure won't hurt.

Expect the Lakers to stay at the top of the sports pages through the whole off-season.

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