Thursday, July 01, 2004

Meanwhile, 2.2 Billion Miles Away 

Courtesy of NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website Posted by Hello

Astronerds rejoice! The Cassini Spacecraft, which NASA launched in 1997, has successfully entered orbit around Saturn (the planet, not my car) and has sent back some mind-blowing pics:

...In one striking blowup, Porco pointed out what almost looks like straw, clumps of material within Saturn’s A Ring. “I don’t know what this is…I literally don’t have a clue.”

“The beauty and clarity of these images…they are shocking to me,” Porco said. “We are seeing structure, literally, that we’ve never imaged before.”

We still have so much to discover, whether it is our solar system, or deep in our own oceans. I hope to see a lot more discoveries in my lifetime.

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