Monday, July 26, 2004

Shoot the Troubleshooting 

I've been keeping myself busy the past few days. Nothing new there, right? I put the blog toward the back of my To-Do-List, and it turned out laundry can take a real long time. Oh well.

I wanted to post a few pictures I took with my new digital camera phone attachment (see the post below), but of course I couldn't get the damn thing to work. I took a test photo when I first got the camera, and it was fine. All the picture I took since then refuse to upload into my Sprint PCS picture album. Naturally, the first place I tried to find help was on their site. No luck, their Help section didn't include troubleshooting for individual camera types. Damn.

I knew my next option was that I had to check the instruction manual. I hate reading troubleshooting sections of instruction manuals because they always assume the user has some form of brain damage. Most troubleshooting sections consist of :

Problem: Power does not seem to be working.
Solution: Check that the machine is on.

Of course, my manual contained a variation of this "help." I know that 90% of the time the problem is indeed that the stupid thing is turned off, but to list "turn it on" as a troubleshooting solution is just plain insulting. To add insult to insult, the camera manual didn't list any other troubleshooting solution, or even a website or phone number to get more help. (Insert colorful swearing here).

F-ing Sprint. F-ing technicians that are too lazy to write real troubleshooting solutions. Lucky for Sprint, I finally got the damn thing to upload my photos, but I had to stand outside my apartment to get a strong enough signal to do it.

Sprint, can you see me now???

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