Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Bank of Juxtaposition 

Sometimes when you're looking things up online, interesting things end up side-by-side in the resulting search. Yesterday, local news broke that the intelligence that sparked the latest terror warning in the Northeast Corridor also included information that San Francisco's Bank of America tower was considered to be "location of interest" by al-Qaida.

It turns out there wasn't much to the story, the information obtained was "very limited," but I still wanted to see if I could find any other news on it. Only local stories, the NY Newsday article that broke the story, but most interesting of all was this: Ground Breaks on Bank of America Tower, in New York City. The new tower will be 52 storeys, the San Francisco skyscraper is 52 storeys. I think it's silly to read too much into things, but I like the message. Terror alerts or not, life goes on, new buildings go up.

Of course, BofA isn't headquartered in SF or NY, but Charlotte. I quit them years ago when they kept charging me every time my checking account got too low. Plus, I don't suspect my small credit union will be mentioned in any alerts.

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