Friday, August 27, 2004

Nasty Week 

Energy, karma, whatever the hell you want to call it, seems to ebb and flow. Some days go by like a breeze, others never seem to get out of first gear. This week was from the latter category.

That is of course a big reason why I haven't posted anything this week. Yesterday was a 14-hour day at work, and the other days at work were busy too. Not only long days at work, but also issues in the lab that made it worse. Yuck.

Misery sure loves company. Here's some of the crap that landed on the world just this week:

1.) No disrespect to Italy, but it's a shame Iraq didn't get the bronze metal in the Olympic soccer competition. The Iraqi team leaves the Olympics with pride and the best team story since the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team. Sometimes the miracle can be just showing and competing well when the world is shocked you're even there to play.

2.) Speaking of Iraq, you can always could on slimeball terrorists to keep lowering the bar of humanity. Today, word came that there was another execution: this time an Italian journalist. To add insult to atrocity, the news broke just before the Iraq-Italy match.

3.) I'm surprised the story about the Russian planes crashing hasn't received more attention in the US. Two planes crashing in the same country at the exact same time, nothing accidental about it. Unless I missed an incident, this would be the first airline terrorism in the world since 9/11. The Russians have every right to go after whoever did it.

4.) Another Olympics day, another judging controversy. First the Mens' All-Around gymnastics mess. Than the vaulting score that elicited a 15-minute chorus of boos that was only stopped when gymnast Alexi Nemov motioned the crown to quiet down. Now even the Americans are jumping in, saying that one of their rhythmic gymnasts got screwed. Plus poor Paul Hamm, the all-around gymnastics champion, is being pressured to give up his gold to make up for the judges' mistake. The only people happy with the gymnastics judging this Olympic are the 2002 Olympics Ice Skating judges, who must be happy to have only had one major screw-up.

5.) The US Olympics Mens' Basketball team is officially dethroned. Unlike every slob with free time and a phone line to a radio sports-talk show, I won't rip this year's team. If you want to blame anyone, blame the players not in Athens, blame USA Basketball for assembling the team only weeks before the games, blame the coaches for not picking any outside shooters, and most of all blame the 1992 Dream Team for instilling a hunger in the rest of the world to catch up with the American ballers.

Next time around, I'd like to see the best players, with the picks occurring at least a year ahead of time. Then they need to go out on a tour, play all those other countries, and get used to the quirks of the international game. The biggest obstacle to this might not be the players, who contrary to popular wisdom will get fired up to win the gold. It might well be the NBA, who would not want to see its moneymakers suffer injuries in international play. The upcoming bronze medal game versus Lithuania should be a classic.

At least it's Friday, and the weekend beckons. I get to try and forget a weeks worth of troubles with a day trip to Santa Barbara. Life could be a lot worse.

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