Sunday, August 22, 2004

Piss on Uday Tour: Quarterfinals 

Iraq's Mohammed Emad, on the ground, scores the winning goal against Australia's in a men's quarterfinal soccer match at the Pankritio stadium during the 2004 Olympic Games in Heraklion on the Greek island of Crete on Saturday, Aug. 21, 2004. (AP Photo/ Yiorgos Papanikolaou, caption from Yahoo!Posted by Hello

Someone forgot to tell the Iraqi Mens' Soccer team that their story was too corny and unbelievable to be true. This time, Iraq beat Australia 1-0 in the Olympic quarterfinals. The irony there is thicker than a eucalyptus grove, the Aussies were the ones who flew the Iraqi Olympians out of Baghdad.

Can they actually win the gold? Two matches for that, and the team needs one more win for a spot on the medal podium. Next up is Paraguay, and after that a script rewrite to make it more believable.

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