Thursday, August 05, 2004


Nothing profound to say tonight, too tired and lazy for that. So instead I pass on something that snatched about an hour and a half from my life I'll never get back:

Cornholio Soundboard

Heh heh m heh heh cool.....I got this from my friend Caltechgirl, who got it from Dean Esmay, who got it from Vodkapundit.

After that there is the Forrest Gump Soundboard, the David Letterman Soundboard, the Ozzy Osbourne Soundboard, five Arnold Soundboards, and of course the Homer Soundboard. Here is the whole soundboard list. The main page has more devilish methods to waste time, and the animation section has some gut-busters. The people who put all this up to view for free have way too much free time, while I lost a lot of free time after finding it.

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