Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Big Easy Mess 

Yikes! Remind me to visit New Orleans, but not to move there.

Residents streamed inland in bumper-to-bumper traffic in an agonizingly slow exodus amid dire warnings that Ivan could overwhelm New Orleans with up to 20 feet of filthy, chemical-polluted water.

Yum. It's not bad enough that your house gets drowned in a hurricane storm surge. At least you could skip a month of pest-control sprayings.

It seems like would be best to wish Ivan away from the Big Easy, but it has to land somewhere. Hopefully, it will die out quickly once it does come ashore.

Just makes me glad we live in California. An earthquake every few years is much better than one hurricane a year, even if you know it's coming, let alone 2 or 4.
Every place seems to have its unique calamity. Speaking of evacuations, I read an article that San Bernadino Co. sheriffs plan to forcibly remove anyone not involved in defending their home if another fire like last year forces evacuations. Good arguements pro and con on that one.
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