Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bus Propaganda 

In San Francisco yesterday, I saw an ad on the side of a Muni bus for a local apartment search engine:

"Don't go to Fresno, you can find a place here."

I wanted to snap a picture of it, but the bus rounded a corner and lost itself in the SF city traffic.

Fresno bashing has been a part-time sport in the Bay Area for a long time. You would think a world-class city would pick on someone its own size. Back in the 80's, the City of San Francisco boycotted Valley table grapes in support of the United Farm Workers, and Fresno retaliated by refusing to have any conventions in San Francisco.

My take on Fresno bashing is this: only someone who lives or has spend considerable time there gets a crack at it. Besides, I can Fresno bash better than anyone who's never lived there. Or to quote Dwight Yoakum & Buck Owens:

Hey you don't know me, but you don't like me.
You say you care less how I feel.
But how many of you who'd sit and judge me.
Ever walk the streets of Bakersfield.

Of course, Bakersfield bashing is a part-time sport in Fresno. The circle closes.

But what city can they bash in Lodi?

Dammit Helen beat me to it!!!

but perhaps the real question is, what city can you bash in CLOVIS?????

Hey, dude, enable the HTML in postings......
The 99 might very well be the Highway to Hell.

San Francisco bashes Fresno because it wants to, but can't really support bashing LA.

LA is the best city in the world, we don't need to bash anybody else to prove it. Only people we bash are the 909, and that's more like saying "yea I'm good looking, but I got this zit right here that just won't go away"

Say what you will, but you can't beat LA as a whole.
Until you move to New York.
Yup, NYC gets to stare down at the rest of the world, and the rest of the world hates the Yankees.
Theres only one thing I like about Fresno.....and thats the road out of it.
And yes I live in this eternal damnation of a city...where poverty rules and politicians drool.
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