Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Cat's Eye 

Taken from the Hubble Telescope, via Astronomy Picture of the DayPosted by Hello

Here's a nice picture for me to post, and I can let my work-abused brain get its 8 hours rest (Yes I sleep that much, it runs in my family).

According to Astronomy Picture of the Day, the Cat's Eye nebula may be a glimpse into the future of our own sun in five billion years. At least if the sun will eventually swallow up the earth, it will do so beautifully. Makes you think.....

makes you think what were going to do till then. If there's only one good reason for space exploration, it's cause our sun will explode. We may not even be alive as a species, or even our evolutionary descendants, but something of us will survive. Right now, it's only the Voyager and Pioneer space probes going on into nothingness. Unless you see a Klingon Bird of Prey blowing one up, or getting sucked into a black hole and winding up in Borg space to become V'ger
Thanks for the link. I will pass it along to the teacherman husband....
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