Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Earthquake Central 

Today it finally did happen. (AP Photo/Michael A. Mariant)via Yahoo!Posted by Hello

It certainly took long enough.

Looking back at California's earthquake history, seismologists determined the section of the San Andreas Fault near the small California town of Parkfield had a moderate earthquake approxiamtely every 22 years. What better place to set up the biggest collection of seismic data recorders in the world? That is exactly what the US Geological Survey did in 1985. Now all the scientists had to do was wait for the earthquake. And wait.

And wait.

Today was finally the day of the long expected quake. It caused no death or injuries, and since it occured in an area dominated by ranchland, damage is expected to be minor. Now scientists begin the most important part of their work, work only a scientist could love: data collection and years of number-crunching. In all that as-yet undeciphered data may exist information that would allow a better understanding of when an earthquake will strike, and what signs lead up it.

The Parkfield Cafe should have good business for the forseeable future.

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