Thursday, September 30, 2004

The First Debate: Liveblogging 

I'll give this a shot and see how it works. IMHO, if Kerry tanks tonight, he's toast. Bush is up and has more breathing room.

5:31 PM PDT: Flipping between CNN and Fox. CNN just mentioned bloggers for the first time tonight. The blogosphere will fact-check your ass!

5:35: Did I mention yet that Wolf Blitzer sucks? A couple of minutes, and I am tired of him. O'Reilley is much better.

5:57: Now they're talking about the light boxes that go off if the candidate talks too long. Couldn't a trapdoor just open under them? That would be good television.

6:03 Interesting, Bush damn near ran across the room to shake Kerry's hand.

6:07 Bush assuming he's gonna win in election. It's not over yet, don't count those chickens.

6:11 Kerry seems nervous. Understandable, but he needs to project better.

6:15 At least Kerry hasn't sighed yet. Already better than Gore.

6:19 Kerry's best point of the night: money sent for cops in Iraq, but not for Homeland Security. I'm sure the blogosphere will fact-check it.

6:29 Kerry has mad some good point about the failures in Iraq, but I still can't tell if he was for or against the war.

6:33 Bush "Please join us in Iraq for a grand diversion."

6:39 I don't think Kerry helps himself by harping on the size of the coalition.

6:47 I think Kerry would be better suited to say he will fight a smarter war, not that the war was necessarily wrong.

6:54 I do get tired of Bush melding Iraq and 9/11.

7:00 It's kind of frustrating: Kerry begins to give the right response to knock off Bush, but then he trips over himself and appearing weak. He's only proving Bush is beatable, but he can't close the deal.

7:02 It still drives me nuts when Bush say "nukulear."

7:03 Heh heh, Bush said "mooolas" instead of Mullas.

7:09 This is an interesting part of the debate. One can argue the election really does come down to "Is Bush too stubborn?" or "Is Kerry a flip-flopper?"

7:19 I think Bush is making a mistake continuing to focus on missile defense.

7:23 Bush has given Kerry holes he could drive a truck though. Too bad he can't drive straight.

7:27 Kerry is actually giving a good closing speech. Too bad he wavered from those points in the debate.

7:29 Bush's closing seems pretty flat. But he seemed to do better sticking to his points.

7:43 It looks like the partisans will say their guy won. To me it seems like Bush won by default. I don't have any intention of voting for Bush since I disagree with many of his positions. That doesn't mean I'm a fire-breathing Bush-hater, and I'm not convinced I'm going to vote for Kerry. Maybe someone else. Kerry makes some really good points, but he will say something else that detracts from his original point. If I could, I would vote for half of John Kerry. Sigh, there is still time left in the campaign to see what happens.

8:14 Most Commentators, amatuer and professional, are calling it a draw. I guess I was looking for Kerry to show me something more, so I'm more critical. Oh well.

Ben, ummm are you already playing the drinking game? You do realize it hasn't started yet....

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