Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Isn't This Your Job? 

If this doesn't express the stereotype of Big Media as a bunch of snobs staring down their nose at the uneducated masses, I don't know what does:

Poll: Americans Uninformed on Bush, Kerry

WASHINGTON - If matching presidential candidates to their positions on basic issues were like a "Jeopardy!" category, most Americans wouldn't earn a single dollar.

More than half of those polled by the National Annenberg Election Survey didn't know President Bush (news - web sites) alone favors allowing private investments of some Social Security (news - web sites) money. Nearly as many didn't know that only Democratic candidate John Kerry (news - web sites) proposes getting rid of tax breaks for the overseas profits of U.S. companies

Um, excuse me, but isn't this the media's and the campaigns' job to inform us? Do we as voters have to dig through obscure position papers and articles buried on page 12 in order to be informed? The poll bemoans the "uniformed voters," but all the campaign ads and media stories are about Swiftboats and National Guard service. If certain people in the media feel voters are uninformed, shouldn't they use their airtime and newspaper space to fill in the gaps in voters' knowledge.

There are places to find out where the candidates stand, but you often have to search for them. One place is on Buzzmachine: Issues 2004. But shouldn't Big Media bring these issues to our attention, instead of us voters having to search. I just assumed that was their job.

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