Saturday, September 11, 2004

Life Goes On 

I was going to avoid writing about this day.

Ever since it happened, there was something I found unsettling, almost dirty about discussing September 11th. I feel the need to discuss it but often feel guilty doing so, like slowing down to look at a car accident, infringing on others' sorrow. Being 3000 miles away, I was not directly impacted. That did not prevent me from only getting a combined 10 hours sleep that first week, as I just could not turn off the news on TV.

I didn't plan to spend the day immersed in the past, which I could have. I don't want to focus on the greater meaning of the day right now, my feelings about that are much similar to what others have written, here, here and here.

Instead my intentions for the day were far less somber, far more ordinary. It had been a long week at work (yes, even for 4 days). Not a bad week, but a long week nonetheless. I needed a break, and a chance to catch up on such exciting activities as the laundry and apartment cleaning.

My day went much as I planned: getting my mundane chores done while letting go of the accumulated workweek stress. I ended up having a day without big Kodac moments, but one with several small bits of happiness:

I got to watch three college football games, all won by the local team, including stumbling by accident onto Fresno State's 45-21 win over favored Kansas State.

While vacuuming under the couch, I several trinkets I long assumed were long lost.

A burger courtesy of the always handy George Foreman Grill.

It was the kind of day that reminds me of a specific episode of the Simpsons, one where Homer stays home from church and ends up having what he considers to be the best day of his life:

Homer polishes off a bag of chips as he watches the football game.

Oh, Doctor! A 98-yard triple-reverse ties the score at 63--63!
We have seen nothing but razzle-dazzle here today, three visits from
Morganna the Kissing Bandit, and the surprising return of Jim Brown!
-- Keith Jackson calls the football game, ``Homer the Heretic''

And as if Homer's day weren't perfect enough, he finds a penny on the floor.

Could this be the best day of my life?
[thought balloon: Homer weds Marge]
[thought balloon: Homer dances as an overturned beer truck sprays its contents
like a fountain]
Looks like we have a new champion!

Okay, okay, my day wasn't that good, but I think life is like that. The days you do remember don't come around very often, and most of those are bad anyway. Most of life is lived in those days that won't be remembered, where happiness comes from simple pleasures. Today, I appreciated those little bits of happiness. On this third anniversary, it was the best revenge I could dish out...

Courtesy of the Simpsons Archive, here's the recipe for the waffles Homer made on his perfect day. I don't quite have the culinary bravado to try this out. If you insist on trying it, make sure your health insurance policy is paid up:

Homer's Space-Age Out-of-This-World Moon Waffles

* Ingredients
+ One bag caramel cubes
+ Waffle mix
+ One bottle Liquid Smoke
+ One stick butter
* Directions
+ Empty bag of caramels onto waffle iron.
+ Add generous portion of waffle batter.
+ Add one bottle of Liquid Smoke.
+ Cook until burnt.
+ Wrap waffle around a stick of butter.
+ Serve on a toothpick.

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