Thursday, September 16, 2004

NHL On Ice 

Sadly, it's official now: the 2004-05 National Hockey League season will not get off the ground any time soon, and may never even happen at all. I've heard all the predictable doom and gloom about what a prolonged work stoppage will do to the league. It all sounds very grim.

I would like to remain an optimist, despite the fact that both the union and the owners are a bunch of cocksmokers. Let both sides blow each other up, whatever. Hockey is different from the other three major pro leagues. It is the poorest in terms of fan base, but the flip side is that gives it less distance to fall. The average US sports fan didn't care about hockey before the lockout and they won't give a damn afterward. Hockey fans are a loyal bunch, and the sport will do just fine even if the NHL is permanently crippled.

Of course this would have to happen once the Sharks started to get really good.


The Sharks are always good enough to make it to the playoffs...they just can't seem to go all the way. *cough* choke *cough* ;)

Next time you quote my husband directly you better give him credit, sucker. :)

Nice pun, though.....

BTW you know how I feel. Gary Bettman ain't safe in the triangle.....

Gary Bettman ain't safe anywhere.
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