Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Fight For Old DC 

Here's an interesting tidbit unearthed from a former college friend: apparently the Washington Redskins have decided the last 17 Presidential elections. If the 'Skins win their last home game before the election, the incumbent party stays in power. If not, the other party moves into the White House. This time around, that game is October 31 vs. Green Bay. I wonder which plays Karl Rove will give coach Joe Gibbs in order to win the game?

Hmm.... does this mean a former friend you knew in college, or a friend who was formerly in college?

hahaha.... course I know some of the answers already
I had the exact same thought, but figured ehhhh, fuck it, I know the true meaning...I think ;)

oh wait, that was you? oh my.
Sheesh, you people. A CURRENT friend was was in college with me. Some people are soooo insecure :P
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