Friday, October 08, 2004

Liveblogging II: The Presidential Debate 

OK, so I changed my mind. It's better to wait for traffic to die down before I go back to Fresno anyway.

5:53 PM PDT. This should be interesting. Conventional Wisdom says Bush needs a win tonight to halt the momentum Kerry has built up starting with the first debate. CW also says Bush will try to beat Kerry with his Senate record. Kerry is supposed to hit Bush with the latest job figures and recent bad news from Iraq. And I bet Bush won't be look more alert this time.

5:57 Fox News apparently has dirt on ABC News, the host for tonight's debate. After CBS, is anyone suprised?

6:01 Certainly enough rules. I'm suprised the Miranda Rights weren't included.

6:04 First Impression of Kerry: He sounds polished, and more confident that last time.

6:06 First Impression of Bush: He always does better away from a podium. Both men seem well prepared this time.

6:08 WMD's mentioned in the 2 first questions. No beating around the bush this time (no pun intended). And some damn good questions.

6:18 This is a great exchange on the GWOT and Iraq. Each side is rebutting the other's point.

6:21 Bush: I don't think you want a President who wants to be popular and does the wrong thing.

6:24 Kerry: It's the military that wins the war, it's the President that wins the peace.

6:25 Kerry blunder: Even mentioning the French and Germans could cost him votes.

6:27 Bush: "We're not going to have a draft, period." I don't believe he would ever do it, but the fact he has to take the time to say "no" is a Kerry strategic victory.

6:30 Fair or not, the questions tonight seem to force Bush to be on the defensive.

6:32 Bush is justifiably pissed about Kerry saying the US is going alone in Iraq.

6:35 The look on Bush's face: I can't believe Kerry is saying this.

6:36 Bush: I don't see how you win Iraq if you don't think we should be there in the first place.

6:38 Bush is much improved. Getting his points out better tonight.

6:39 Bush gets this one right. It's the US insure drugs are safe, and not just trust drugs imported from Canada.

6:42 This has been a rapid fire debate: from drug importation to Medicare to the deficit in about 2 minutes.

6:44 Could we go just one speech/debate without having to hear ""? It sounds like he's selling an ab-roller.

6:46 If I were Bush, I would have started in on Kerry's Senate record much sooner than 46 minutes in.

6:48 Bush gets off a good one: If you're for capping punitive damages, why didn't you show up to the Senate and vote for it?

6:50 I don't think bringing up today's job report was a good Bush move.

6:52 Bush doesn't help his arguement by shouting, IMHO.

6:54 We've been on taxes for over 5 minutes now. I want to hear more about job creation. I really don't care if rich people get tax breaks or not.

6:58 Kerry mentioned John McCain twice now. You'd think he was the running mate.

7:00 Bush talking about his environmental record. Seems to me he's starting to tire. Makes sense, because he was very animated the first hour.

7:04 Kerry rightly criticizes Bush for not trying to improve the Kyoto treaty negociations instead of walking away.

7:06 Kerry: " independence in 10 years." Don't buy it, candidates have been saying that for decades.

7:08 Bush points out that many of the taxpayers over $200K are small business owners.

7:13 A great question: instead of the same tired stem-cell question, the audience member asks that since embryonic stems cells haven't been proven to have more benefit than adult stem cells, why use embryonic stem cells? Kerry doesn't have a good answer for it. Bush sticks to his guns, whether you agree or disagree.

7:20 Bush quotes the Drew (correction) Dred Scott case in a Supreme Court answer. You can almost hear his thoughts: "Now who's the intellectual, be-yotch!!"

7:24 The abortion debate finally gets brought up. Kerry tries to split the difference. Bush looks better because he sticks more solidly to his principles.

7:33 Bush clobbers Kerry by saying he can't gripe about unequiped soldiers when he voted against the $87 billion Iraq bill. Kerry sitll doesn't have a good enough response to that charge.

7:38 All in all, I bet the pundits rate this debate a draw. Bush was vastly improved, but Kerry was better too though. The only opinions that matter are voters in November.

7:40 Best Moment of the Night: Kerry says Bush has stake in a lumber company. Bush responded: "I have a lumber company? You want some wood?"

I can see it now, the new campaign slogan: Vote for Bush, he will give you wood."

well, John McCain does go both ways in DC.....
escs are ONLY better than asc s for CNS diseases because of the way that the CNS is built. Right now ascs are just as good if not better.

Not to mention 22 lines exist. AND private companies can do whatever the hell they want.
I'd almost like to see Bush get elected, just to see him break the promise he just made about the draft.

Anyway, the whole abortion/Supreme Court issue is one of the things I care about most in regards to this election, and I think Bush was definitely dodging the question by simply saying he "doesn't have anyone picked out." Kerry at least pointed out that Bush has said in the past that he thinks we need more Conservative judges in the Supreme Court. I heard on the radio the other day that 30 states are prepared to outlaw abortion as soon as the S.C. overturns Roe v. Wade (and we all know where those 30 states are). However, the larger issue is that, even if there are 20 states where it's legal, someone performing/receiving an abortion could still be taken to court (eventually arriving at the S.C.), and end up in prison. States' rights my ass, the S.C. is the final decision on this issue.

Maybe I should've posted this in my own blog. LOL

Posting in your own blog would be interesting.... after all, all sorts of interesting people have things to say there

So you think the draft will be implemented anyway, no matter which character wins? Or only if Bush is reelected? All this draft rhetoric started with two democratic representatives btw, I think out of Ohio, but I'm sure Ben knows more than me on that subject.

Which 30 states are the ones you mention, and which are the other 20? I hadn't heard that, but you know, I have not been paying attention to that news lately either.

But seriously, it is a state's right's issue, or at least a 10th amendment issue. Just like driver's licensee, marriage certificates(go gay marriage?)

Hope you don't mind the questions Ben.... but I always thought it better to reply in the same post than elsewhere. Keeps it interesting I think.

Been away for a few days (will post about it). Interesting discussion. I'm sure the "30 states" Helen refers to are in the South, Mountain West, and Great Plains. I have no idea she is correct on that point or not. I tend to avoid the abortion debate, but for disclosure's sake I lean pro-life without shoving it into people's faces.

As for the draft, I can't see a draft returning without a super-catastrophy like a full-scale invasion of the US homeland. Having friends who served, I know the armed forces HATE the idea of a draft: the tour of duty is too short to properly train an average Joe off the street. Plus it's political suicide for whoever implements it. In a worst-case scenario, the Pentagon would increase incentives to serve (plenty of poor people would sign up), increase recruitment, and lean even heavier on the Reserves.
For the AP article telling which 30 states would most likely ban abortion, you can go to this link:

Most are the usual suspects, but Delaware, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania (damn Amish) are on the list. Of course, CA is one of the states most likely to keep abortion rights.
That last comment was me, btw.

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