Saturday, October 30, 2004


With my sudden abundance of free time, I've begun the long-procrastinated Blog Tweakfest.

For the remainder of the campaign (when the lawyers and courts are done litigating the election results) I'll have the Politics section near the top. There are more Election Return sites for the swing states plus others. I'll be happy to add more states per request, and I just might do so anyway.

Finally, the blog world just got a bit smarter. Long time friend and all-around Evil Genius Caltechgirl has succomed to gravity and been pulled into the Blogosphere. Her blog is entitled Not Exactly Rocket Science, although I think Brain Surgery is more apt for a Neurobiology PhD candidate. There's a new Friends' Blogs section with her blog, Helen's blog, Bill's blog, and Sandro's Peruvian soccer page.

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