Saturday, October 16, 2004

Storming the Gates 

I was saddened when my friend (and frequent giver-of-ideas) Caltechgirl sent an email saying another person had taken, and was hardly using the blog at that. Being more informed than I am, and an all-around smarty pants, people have been gently nudging her toward starting a blog.

It's use pushing someone to hard to blog. I was a blog-reader since 2002, but I wasn't read to have my own until recently. When she does get officially bit by the blogging bug, I'll gladly put together a pitchfork and torch-wielding mob to storm the gates of the Caltechgirl blog and reclaim it in the name of Divine Right.

I would say to her, no use in rushing as you know when and if you will be ready to begin posting. I doubt anyone else will be ready for your blog, but you will be.

you know I love you dearly but can't you do better than smarty pants?
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