Monday, October 11, 2004


It's always sad to hear of someone's passing, but the death of Christopher Reeve came as a shock. I wouldn't have expected someone as tenacious as him to pass away, even with his physical disabilities.

He was a man who could have stayed away from the public, facing his monumental struggles in seclusion. Instead, he understood that his celebrity would be a powerful force to bring attention to the struggle of those with spinal injuries. His determination helped change attitudes about the prospects for recovery. Even if treatments weren't ready in time for him, it seems to me it is only a matter of time before those who have similiar injuries will walk again. Rest in peace.

You invited me to comment, so here goes.....

Fuck John Edwards up his fucking ass! It's now more clear than ever that he suffers from a terminal case of cranial rectosis. Just like every other lawyer I know. Ok look, ESC research is promising, yes, but it's SO FAR AWAY. period. 5-10 years before we know enough to try it in humans. AND GWB is the firat president to EXPLICITLY make funds available for ESC research, even if he did put restrictions on them. What about adult stem cells? The lady at the debate the other night was RIGHT ON. ASC's have as much potential as ESCs except in one area. Just one. The CNS. Unfortunately, those are the cells that folks like Chris Reeve and Michael J Fox need so desperately. What a crass twisted thing for the Breck Girl to do.

Furthermore, I think it is unjust to characterize Reeve (as some in the MSM have done) solely as a crusader for ESC research. Chris Reeve was dedicated to putting a face to spinal cord injury and bringing awareness to the vitality and drive exhibited by people who are so tragically stricken as he was. Yes, that includes publicizing the promise of ESC research, but also meant that he was supporting new therapy programs, nanotechnological nerve implants (think pacemaker for the spine), and the development of drugs that would decrease the initial damage to the spine after injury in an attempt to spare function and improve quality of life. In fact, that's what Chris Reeve's mission was, to improve his own quality of life and that of other people like him by raising awareness and $$ for research.

Hey John Edwards, I hear your new farm in Carrboro is nice, give up now and go hide amongst the rest of the crass pathetic moonbats at Weaver St.......
Outstanding rant. I may yet ask you to guestblog if I take a siesta. Thanks for clearing up the potential benifits Embryonic Stem Cells.
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