Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Arafat Dies 

The deathwatch finally ended this evening (early morning French time). I know many will say a lot of the coming days about the man, the state of his people, and the Middle East in general. However one thought kept coming to me about his state funeral: How insecure must a place be if the official state funeral of the leader of its people must be held in another country (Cairo, Egypt)? Couldn't all the militants and others declare a quiet period long enough to allow a secure state funeral in the West Bank? I suppose that the Palestinian Authority lacks the resources to put on such a large gathering.

Many are saying Arafat's death may give a breath of fresh air to the peace process, but I doubt it. Extremists on both sides have too much at stake in continuing the conflict, and it only takes a few of them to keep the conflict going.

While I don't think it will change anything, I think it gives the chance and hope of change. Hopefully, Israel will come back and say: "In the interest of peace, we offer this", and even more hopefully, the Palestians will say: "ok, we offer this" and banter and barter back and forth, and get a real meaningful peace.

I'm not betting on it though.

Probably, the greatest chance for a quiet night sleep there was lost last decade, and thrown away for wanting too much.

But hey, let's try to visualize the more perfect future, and have it happen...
Ready for my controversial post?

The funeral is being held "in another country"...if you consider Palestine a country in the first place. Furthermore, Israel ain't the one who isn't willing to give a little...offers have been made before, but it seems like the Palestinians want an "all or nothing" deal, and now the Israelis have jumped on that bandwagon as well. Hell, the Israelis fought the British to re-claim that land, they can handle anything.

Non-controversial post?

I could give a rat's ass, since both sides are gonna blow each other off the face of the planet, eventually. It's a g-d damn desert, anyway, with a little coastline. Wait...that isn't very non-controversial, is it? LOL

Country, territory, whatever. I was certainly no fan of Arafat. If he took the 2000 deal, Palestine would be in existance, a lot of the Arab population would have abandonded the terrorists, and that could have reduced the terrorist acts since then.

BTW isn't Cali basically desert with a narrow coastal strip?
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