Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After 

So last night I didn't nearly blog with the proficiency as I wanted. Blame too many distractions, and a sour stomach. Today I spent most of the day away from the World of Politics, playing host to old college friend Helen, and trekking through the rain at Fisherman's Wharf. I missed Kerry's concession speech, but I caught Bush's speech. I knew deep down that Kerry had the decency to throw in the towel for the sake of the country, and this alone helps remove any reservations about casting a vote for him. Thank you Senator Kerry.

As for the President, I hope he plans a more inclusive second term. I understand the need to push his agenda, but there are ways to fight the good fight and then put the nastiness aside after the fight is over. I am a bit of an optimist on this one, I think Bush will work on his legacy in the second term, and he doesn't want that legacy to include leaving behind a bitterly divided country. Those of us who did not support the President should do our part.

I'll leave up the political stuff on the sidebar for another week or so, since I've noticed people are still interested. Now what to talk about? The 49ers are awful, hockey is been frozen (not in a good way). How 'bout those Lakers??

Update, One Last Thought
: IMHO, graciously conceding the 2004 Election may very well prove be the first step on the journey for the Democrats to reclaim the White House. Can you imagine the animosity the non-Democratic base voters would have had over a Florida-redux? By throwing in the towel, the message is sent out that at least a few Demos are willing to put country over party. Sometime you must give up what you wish to have in order to claim it.

In response to your question, the Lakers blow ass. period. Are you feeling any better? Call me if you feel up to it....
Conceding worked for Nixon too, but it took a while and even when he got his shot it didn't go so good...
Hey post something new dammit, even if it's just a link to me on my birthday.
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