Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Night 2004 

OK, can we end this already?

5:05 Starting the liveblog a little late, but it's no big deal. No real suprises. Only item of interest is the ease that Kerry took New Jersey. Kerry:77 EVs Bush:66 EVs.

5:52 Cooking dinner, talking with friends and trying to keep up with incoming data is harder than it looks. Bush slightly ahead in Florida. Ohio and PA without data yet. More states close in a few minutes. Bush 102 EVs Kerry 77 EVs.

6:04 No surprise: The strip of states from N Dakota to Texas goes Bush, NY goes Kerry.
Bush 136 EVs, Kerry 108 EVs.

6:13 WTF is up with "Too Close to Call" vs "Too Early to Call"? More confusion on election night, great.

6:19 Funny Graphic: MSNBC put up a Florida proposition result on teen pregnancy notification: Teen Pregnancy 65% Yes 35% No. Make your own jokes.

7:06 John Stewart on the Daily Show: "Its pretty much like last time, except the whole world is watching, and people in Iraq are saying 'You invaded us to give us this!'"

7:09 The Rockies come in: Bush 184 EVs, Kerry 112 EVs.

8:03 CA polls close. Lots of proposition results to come. Seems like Kerry got PA, but is trouble in Wisconsin and Ohio. If that holds true, Kerry is toast. Some are already beginning to say just that. Bush 199 EVs, Kerry 188 EVs.

8:08 Locally, KRON-4 is saying Prop 71 (The funding for stem cell research) has been approved.

9:51 Fox News calls Ohio for Bush. Along with his victory in Florida, that means unofficially game over for Kerry. Alaska would put Bush to 269, which would mean Kerry could tie at beat, and Bush would win via the House of Representatives. Looks like a close Electoral replay of 2000, but no uncertainties in individual states. No lawyers, no recounts, no BS.


I just hope Bush manages to put the country back together again.

Dude what channel are you on??? FN has 156 to 112 right now.
and here I thought all the news organizations were going to take their time and be proficient.

At least there was no line at my booth. Also, I checked, and my brother hasn't voted yet. Which is good. I'm going to head down there about 7:45 to make sure the dead do not vote.
I'm absolutely opposed to teen pregancy, so it should be illegal in Florida
CNN is still calling Ohio is too close to call. At 6am this morning.

So it will still be fun for everyone!
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