Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Holding Out 

Since the layoff, I've been taking it slow. Part of that has been a nasty bout of headaches lately, the rest is a conscious decision to relax, plan more for the long term, and wait to jump back into the job market.

It turns out I was tested yesterday.

I got a call from my previous job agency. A job opportunity, but hardly more information than that. I thought, "OK, I was enjoying my time off, but having steady income again would be a good thing."

The second call came: The position would start next week. Responsibilities would include washing glassware and keeping inventory of supplies.

Washing glassware?? Yes, washing glassware.

OK, so there was a good chance I could be a Manufacturing Associate, like I was before, in six months. My brain finished processing in a few minutes, and a polite call back from me sent the job off to someone else.

So now the bet is on. In a few months, will I be wishing I had taken the position? Don't be on it. One year ago, I was in nearly the exact position. I turned down a position, and got layed off. One year later I have experience necessary to assist in drug production.

I'd always rather be broke and happy, rather than miserable and stuck in a rut.

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