Friday, November 12, 2004

LaLa Land and Blocked Arteries 

I'm off to LA to visit college friend and eternal soccer nut Sandro. The trip is also a great excuse to satisfy my Tommy's chili-burger craving. I highly recommend a trip there, even if one burger has enough grease to case an elephant's arteries to harden. I still think it's worth it. After all, I did get the exercise bike for a reason, right?

Say hi to Sandro for me.

How was the traffic going down there? I was going to go north on the 5 to the 14 on my way to Mammoth. So I had to back track, and take the long way around the 15.

Enjoy the burgers
I hate you. HATE you :)

I want some orange grease. Hope you're thinking of us while you enjoy.

Come back here soon :)
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