Monday, November 01, 2004

One Day To Go 

The election is nearly here. In past elections everyone could look forward to all the noise being over once all the votes were counted. Of course now we know better. Like a tagline from a bad sequel, the election isn't the end, but only the beginning.

So Green Bay won their game yesterday versus Washington. That's supposed to mean the incumbent party gets voted out, and we all get six weeks more of winter. Naturally, in a year when the Red Sox are World Champions, all bets are off.

I plan to do liveblogging on Election Night, so I'll we a walking zombie on Wednesday. I think it will be worth it, since it will probably be closer than this year's Super Bowl. So take note, go vote, and let's make our choice before the lawyers get involved.

Oh, and whoever wins (or if nobody wins), the world will still be here Wednesday morning.

I think. Right??

I heard on Kevin and Bean this morning that there have been two instances of the Packers game failing to predict the out come of the election. But I was out of the room, and didn't hear the years it happened.

But we have something else at play too. For the longest time, Presidents elected in a year that ended in "0" have either died, or attempted to die while in office. Lincoln, McKinnely, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Regan(attempted assaniation). There are of course a few more I've left out. So unless we count the pretzle attacking Bush, he still has yet to be killed.

Funnier thing, that I have not confirmed, is that this is supposed to alternate between presidents which term of office they died in. I don't think that's true( which term was Regan attacked in? his first I thought, so that makes him and Kennedy both first termers) but it was interesting.

Course, we live in CA, where Kerry is going to win, so my vote doesn't count.

Tonight, on my blog, I'll post my endorsements and predictions for tomorrow.

Damn... I need to get back to work, but everyone is out in North Carolina this week, so I feel free!
Vote dammit. Every vote counts towards the popular vote, or the "gore statistic" as I like to call it, which I 'm sure the party of the loser will hammer the party of the winner with for the next 4 years....

Ben, my friend, I'll be right there with you if I can remove J's fingers from SW: BF long enough....
What if I vote, but purposefully chose not to vote on a candidate or issue? It'd be nice if there was a none of the above category, instead we are left thinking I was stupid or there was an error, and someone should interpret how I meant to vote....
I agree.

Oh, and BTW, Ben, I officially concede on the OBL dead in a cave thing.....
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