Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sell! Sell! 

The San Francisco 49ers lost their game versus Tampa Bay. With the current state of the team, that's as shocking as a snowstorm in Colorado. Today's loss means the 49ers are the second-worst team in the league. Miami, tied with SF at 1-9 gets the worst-team "honor" due to tie-breakers. Both teams meet next Sunday to fight for the right to claim the number one pick in the next NFL Draft.

Speaking of the draft, I have an idea and I'm serious about this: The 49ers should take their first round pick and sell it.

Usually when a team wants to move down in the draft, it trades the pick for a couple of lesser picks, players from the other team, or some combination of the two. The 49ers problems are team-wide, so a top player won't be the fix. Since the 49ers are in "Salary Cap Hell," they would have trouble ponying up the money to sign a top pick anyway. By selling the pick, the 49ers would put the money towards their salary cap deficit and be able to sign better free agents sooner.

If the 49ers are lucky, a couple of teams would want their pick bad enough to ignite a bidding war. Hell, put the pick up on eBay and see what offers roll in. Bottom Line: Something creative needs to be done to break out of the mess the 49ers find themselves in. A lot of fans won't wait until 2006 for the team to be competitive again.

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