Saturday, November 27, 2004

Thanksgiving Leftovers 

I'm still in Fresno, blogging off old creaky dial-up (one of the things I'm thankful is my switch to speedy Broadband). In the post-Thanksgiving tradition, instead of a full meal, here is a group of links, ect.

Ukraine is still a mess. I don't have anything to say about the disputed election; I forget which candidate is the good Viktor and which is the bad Viktor.
Seeing Ukraine in the news does remind me to again share one of my recent favorite links: Motorcycle chick does Chernobyl. The story of the restricted zone around Chernobyl told through words and pictures. Some people have insisted the site is a hoax. As with many things on the internet, people will have to make up their own minds.

Michele is ugring a backlash to the Black Friday backlash.
Black Friday is the Day After Thanksgiving, when retailers' bottom lines are supposed to go from negative red to positive black. Buy Nothing Day is the backlash to Black Friday shopping insanity.
As an answer to Buy Nothing Day, Michele proposes Buy Me A Golden Goose Day, in honor of Veruca Salt (the spoiled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character, not the band. Read a book people!)
I want to start Buy Me A Flatscreen TV Day. Any objections?

Rebecca's Pocket links to the Matrix in Haiku.

Caltechgirl links to the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year voting page, where one of the nominees is Pat Tillman. Can you think of a more deserving nominee? Click the link and vote for him.

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