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Christmas, a time to come together with family and friends. A time to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus. A time to watch A Christmas Story as many times in 24 hours as possible.

Once the relatives' antics get tired, I'm always glad to have the continuous airings of the movie as an escape. Like everyone else in America, I naturally have the whole movie memorized by now. Here is something to possibly make the viewing a little different, a partial list of movie goofs taken from the film's IMDB page. When watching this year (you know you'll watch at least one showing), see if you can catch these goofs:

* Anachronisms: 1980s cars can be seen passing by the school at the flagpole scene.

* Plot holes: After nearly shooting his eye out, Ralphie comes back into the house through the back door. In the next scene, the Bumpus hounds are shown coming through the living room from left to right and moving on to the kitchen. The dogs would need to open the front door for this to be possible.

* Anachronisms: A kid in a classroom scene forgot to take off his Dukes of Hazzard digital watch.

* Crew or equipment visible: Shadows of crew on kitchen chair when Randy is in the cabinet, worrying about Ralph getting killed by their father (for fighting) when he comes home.

* Continuity: The mashed potatoes disappear and reappear on Randy's face between shots during the dinner scene ("show mommy how the piggies eat").

* Continuity: When Ralphie is decoding Annie's secret message in the bathroom, the text's case on his writing changes from lower case to upper case between shots (watch the "E/e" in "Be"... (Be sure to drink your Ovaltine)).

* Continuity: When we see the Chinese restaurant from the street, the shop owner is standing in front of the table conducting the singing waiters. When we move into the restaurant the song (Faa-Raa-Raa-Raa) has not missed a beat, yet the owner is now standing behind the table.

There are many more of these goofs on the IMBD page if you're interested. With that I'll leave you and hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Remember, if you're stuck without something to say in any Christmas arguement, finish with "Notafinga!"

ps: For those Central Valley types like me, Darren McGavin (aka The Old Man) was born in the nearby town of San Joaquin, according to IMDB. Long before his A Christmas Story gig, he apparently "wove a tapestry of obscenity" through the Valley fog. Who-hoo!

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