Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Links By the Bushel 

After devoting half of yesterday to buying and assembling a shelving unit (my name is Ben, I am an IKEA whore), I caught up on my blogsurfing today. Here are the highlights:

* The Command Post links to a summary of a conference regarding recent intelligence on al-Qaeda. Know thy enemy.

* Bill at Ramblings and Travels tells the story of the Marine versus the NPR Interviewer over gun control. Doesn't seem like a fair fight.

* A Politically Correct Christmas (oops, Holiday) Carol, presented by The Moderate Voice.

* Rebecca's Pocket has a plethora of links herself, all conveniently bunched together. Among the highlights: A power plant running on turkey dung, and an article saying the US is becoming a Nation of Wimps.

* Michele makes the argument that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer needs an alternate ending.

* Jeff Jarvis speaks about how religious conservatives are becoming the new bleeding hearts, while liberals' hearts are hardening.

* Bake Town has several good posts. Abandonded dogs taking over a neighborhood in the town of Mojave, a guy faking an image of Elvis on a tortilla in an attempt to make money, and her discovery of neighborhood sex offenders thanks to the Megan's Law website (ewww!).

I'll be back on the road either today or tomorrow; Christmas in Fresno awaits. I'll probably blog well before then, but if I don't you have your assigned reading!

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