Sunday, December 26, 2004

Post-Christmas Sadness 

It's such a shame to post about bad news so shortly after Christmas. I can hardly keep up with bad news: shootings, war, natural disasters. It's likely not healthy to keep up with all the bad news in the world anyway.

However, today's nasty earthquake and tsunami in Asia today stands out from the background noise. 9.0 on the Ricter Scale, about 100 times the strength of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. As of late Sunday/early Monday, over 14,000 dead. Countries affected as far away as East Africa, 4000 miles from the epicenter.

The Command Post has an good series of links to the story. By the way, this is the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Bam, Iran that killed 30,000 people. Sadly, it looks likely that today's quake may eventually prove to be as deadly or deadlier. There will certainly be a lot said in the days to come about how to assist relief efforts.

On a completely different note, and several orders of magnitude smaller, NFL great Reggie White died early this morning, at age 43. He was arguably the greatest defensive lineman in pro football history, yet people agreed that he was a far greater man than football player. He was renowned for his work with inner-city youth and as an ordained minister.

What a sad way to come off Christmas.

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