Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sacre Bleu! 

The Esteemed Inspector Clouseau (photo via AnovaPosted by Hello

The past couple of days haven't given much in the way of encouragement on how the War or Terror is going.

Case Number One: LAX Officials Searching For Explosives

LOS ANGELES -- Security agents from JFK Airport in New York searched for a cargo of missing explosives, Friday night.

An Air France flight into LAX was surrounded and searched late Friday night.

French military police said they lost track of the explosives that were being used for training at an airport in Paris.

The explosives could potentially be on one of 100 flights that left France, police said. (emphasis mine)

When the Air France jet from Paris arrived at LAX passengers said they were shuttled into busses and held for more than an hour without any explanation.

No traces of explosives were found.

No explosives were found on three other planes that were searched in New York.

I would like to be an optimist and just believe that this was just scene created for the upcoming Pink Panther remake. I can't France-bash over this, because after all explosives get stolen from law enforcement here at home as well.

Case Number Two: HHS secretary says terrorist attack
on food supply would be ‘so easy to do’

WASHINGTON - Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson resigned Friday, warning of a potential global outbreak of the flu and health-related terrorist attacks. “For the life of me, I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do,” he said.

Instead of being upset at him for basically telling the terrorists "Hey, you can get away with attacking our food supply," I am thankful for his candor. Hopefully people will light a fire under the butts of those responsible for keeping the food as safe as can be, and also light a fire under the collective ass of Congress to get going and get any necessary reform and/or funding approved.

I know that Homeland Security officials have to be successful 100% of the time, and the terrorists only once. It's tough, and we can't stop everything. But it would sure help to get a lot of the bureaucracy to do common sense things, like keep track of the training explosives!

Thank God for all those people we don’t know about are out there protecting us. Unfortunately, a handful of Clouseaus can screw things up.

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