Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Blogroll Update 

I was lax in pointing out the changes I made to the blogroll, so I'll rectify that right now:

New Blogs of the Month

* Cutting to the Chase: I was able to find this one clicking that "Next Blog" button at the upper right of the page. Yes, you can find a decent random Blogspot blog (even if it takes twenty-some times). A free-lance writer in Oklahoma who seems to lean center-left politically.

* Peaktalk: Dutch born, living in Vancouver. Pro-American, center-right politically, and reasonable in tone. Specializes in international politics and markets.

* Protein Wisdom: Drop-dead funny. The highlight is the Martha Stewart Chronicles, a daily picture from the "prison diary" of the domestic diva. Leans right politically.

The Worthy Causes section:

I added a new charity section. I would suggest a look at them. If you want to contribute or assist, great; if not, that's fine too. I don't do begging, so if I add a charity to the list, I'll ask politely and leave it at that.

* Spirit of America: Started by Jim Hake as a way for individuals to help meet the need of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. Spirit of America fulfills requests for specific forms of aid to communities; things like sewing machines, tools, and soccer equipment. The group is not affiliated with the US government, and is supported by both pro- and anti-war individuals.

* Strengthen the Good: A network of bloggers led by Alan Nelson. Every month Alan selects a micro-charity to feature, and member bloggers assist in getting the word out. The stories behind the micro-charities are quite uplifting, which makes reading about them worth it even if you decide not to directly contribute.

* World Community Grid. An interesting project where individuals download a program from the grid site, which then receives and processes data for humanitarian research. The current project involves the structure of specific proteins, which will help understanding of how to treat certain diseases. I had previously mentioned this site here.

Thanks for sticking around to read this Public Service Announcement.

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