Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Coming Up for Air 

First, let me pass on my usual regrets for not posting the past couple of days. Thanks to all who checked in, and I hope to do a little better at giving you all something fresh to see each time you visit. There are a couple of new posts below in addition to this one.

I can't say I'm that sorry, however. I thought the start of 2005 would be a good time for a Full-Blown Apartment Makeover. Creating a clean, ordered living space is such an empowering feeling. Whenever I felt depressed as a kid and wanted to snap out of it, I would clean and rearrange my room.I highly recommend it as a way to start to get things accomplished.

There's a lot I would like to get accomplished this year, in my career and personal life; I may even end up using that exercise bike more. Too bad blogs don't come with a "future archives" feature so I can see how it all will turn out.

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