Sunday, January 23, 2005

Frontier Bris 

Johnny Carson died today at age 79, from emphysema likely related to smoking.

I only got to see the ending years of his Tonight Show run. The funniest moment I remember from the show took actually took place before I was born. Like many of Carson's best moments, it involved Johnny getting the best out of an unplanned event. In 1965, Ed Ames went on the Tonight Show for a tomahawk throwing demonstration.

Let's just say his throw ended up going a bit south of his intended target:

Picture from Baby Boom HQPosted by Hello

After many, many seconds of audience laughter, Johnny responded: "I didn't even know you were Jewish. Welcome to Frontier Bris." I heard somewhere that the bit generated the longest uninterrupted audience laughter in TV history. The incident is included in this clip of the Johnny Carson DVD set from The clip is about four minutes long, and the tomahawk segment begins at around 1:45 from the beginning. It's worth a viewing if you haven't seen it.

Rest in peace, Johnny.

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