Thursday, January 13, 2005

Governator Takes the Bay 

California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been substancially popular in statewide polls, but still I was a little suprised by this:

Poll: Most in Bay Area Support Governor

(BCN) -- A majority of Bay Area residents approve of the job Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing as Governor, according to the results of a poll released today.

The Bay Area Poll, a poll of 600 Bay Area residents found that 55 percent approved of the republican governor's handling of his job, while 33 percent disapproved. The results come from an area of the state that is 54 percent democrat and 21 percent republican, the poll found.

Wow. Arnold leading in the part of the state that includes San Francisco, Berkeley, and Marin County. If these numbers hold, Arnold will barely have to campaign to get re-elected. I like to see that most voters in the Bay Area are pragmatists, and will throw their support being a Governor widely regarded as a moderate. I would love to see the Demos move in similiar direction and put up people closer to the center where most of us voters reside.

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