Friday, January 07, 2005

Russian Around 

It's raining here in the Bay Area. Again. It's basically been raining since Thanksgiving.

I say, bring it on baby. Since California seems to be in a perpetual state of drought, the more rain the better. I've always been one who likes the rain anyway.

When the lower elevation gets rain, the Sierra mountains get snow, tons of it. Great for the Tahoe ski resorts, if only people could get there! The quote of the day was from a Russian tourist who managed to get on the slopes, and was obviously happy with the conditions. The reported made the comment "Well, it's not Russia," to which the man replied "It isn't?" Give some people a flask of vodka and a mountain of snow, and they're good to go.

His comment reminded me of a funny incident a few years back, when my mom and I visited Sequoia National Park. We spotted a couple with their young child (probably two years old or so). The boy was having a tough time with the uneven footing around one of the big trees, stumbling and nearly falling a couple of times. The couple, who had been speaking a language I presumed was Russian, noticed us watching the boy. After a pause, the father looks at us and says "Vodka." My mom and I immediately break up laughing. Just priceless.

Everyone stay dry, stay warm, and watch your footing this weekend.

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