Thursday, January 20, 2005

That Giant Sucking Sound 

Waterspout off the Florida Keys, via NASA's Astronomy Picture of the DayPosted by Hello

This seems like a cheat to me since this is supposed to be the Astronomy Picture of the Day, but then again I've had a liking for meteorology and weather since I was a kid. Meteorology is full of neat stuff that is better to see in pictures and video than up-close and personal. I would include the above waterspout in that category. The site links to speculation that many ships that disappear in the Bermuda Triangle may have fallen victim to waterspouts. I think that's why there haven't been posts since Sunday: a waterspout sucked them out of the blog.

OK, I'll work on my excuses.

I don't find the picture too out of line for NASA. After all, they started out as the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration ( I think, might have a name change in there also). So the two ideas are more linked than at first glance.

And I like the pic too
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