Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Grow Me A Pizza 

a vegetable garden
You are 'growing one's own food'.

You are guided by two words: 'Live simply.' You
value quality over quantity in most things, and
you have little use for the materialism and
consumerism of modern culture. You know the
value of hard work and try to be
self-sufficient as much as possible, and what
you do you do well. Unfortunately, no man is
an island, and you cannot do everything
yourself. Your puritanical work ethic makes
makes people think that you are weird, and not
much fun. Your problem is that growing one's
own food has been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
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If I'm such a hard worker, why don't I have a job right now? Oh well, at least I sent off some resumes today. Yay me!

Via Royalmidnight, who I reached by bloghopping over from my college friend Alex's blog, which I just discovered. Welcome to the blogosphere!

LJ's no blog.
I agree. LJ is many things, but a blog, no. Still, it's better than MySpace.

But ok, I'm going to be a snob and say that if you don't do your own software, and run it on your own server, you're not getting the full experience of blogging.....

Course, by being on blogger you get many more comments and a lot more exposure than I do.

And thanks for the update there. Always good to know about everyone. I think I'll just lurk for a bit though, if not a long time.
I must start out by saying I've seen good blogs and crappy blogs on ALL formats. The effort a person puts into a blog matters more than the vehicle he/she uses.

OK, that being said, here's my take on Blogging Hirearchy (lowest to highest):

1.) Myspace: in reality not different from Friendster, ICQ, ect. Only reason to use it is to hook up with someone, or it can serve as a kind of fixed IM. Very unlikely to ever find a serious blog here.

2.) Livejournal. Two types of people use LJ, teenagers and older people who don't know any better. It is certainly possible to write decent material on an LJ blog, but it will looklike an online diary: "Today I went to the mall and had pizza." ect. Very little linking to other blogs.

3.) Blogger. There are two subclasses here, those on blogspot.com and those with their own website. Most Blogger sites are written by teens who overdo the graphics and music on their sites.

Many strong weblogs are on blogspot, from Chrenkoff to the Iraqi bloggers to the Belmont Club. However, Blogger can be considered "training wheels," and many bloggers either jump to an improved blogging program, or would if they had the time to do it.

4.) TypePad, Moveable Type, ect. Bloggers who bother with these programs are usually more serious bloggers. To be honest, I could not rate these and the other higher-end programs against each other.

You're right about myspace. That being said, I have a very small presence there. Mostly because an independent word of my brother's death in September started there, and I was curious about tracking such things.

LJ, ends up being what you said. "OMG, I hate him!"

I did the start on blogger bit myself.

The one thing I've noticed, since doing my own software support, on my own site, I spend more time on the backbone side of things than before. To be expected of course. But it's certainly taken my time away from other things.

But I can be a bit of a control freak at times (very few, but it's there), so I like the power of having MY site.
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