Thursday, February 24, 2005

Life Rewards Action 

It's pretty neat how good things come to me when I get active and tackle my problems. I've been responding to job listings online; this after a weeklong period where I was too distracted and/or lazy to bother. I received a phone call today to set up an interview. It wasn't from any of the companies I recently contacted, instead it was from the 800-pound gorilla of the biotech world, Genentech.

I had applied to one of their open positions around a month ago. A few days later they responded by phone, and an interview time and date was set. Neat, until a few days after that when the called again to say that regrettably the position was not going to be filled after all. Oh well.

So now today the whole thing starts over again. Genentech set March 4 as my interview day. I'll give it my best, but this time I'll be more aggressive in trying to find other opportunities.

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