Sunday, February 06, 2005

Superblogging, Part II 

It turned out that the friends I invited over for a party surprised me and actually showed up. Go figure. Much KFC wings and popcorn chicken was consumed, and a reasonably good time was had by all. The game wasn't among my all time favorites (slow start, no Niners), but it turned out to be a VERY good game. The Patriots definitely had to earn this victory. The highlights of the Super Bowl coverage for me included:

Troy Aikman blasting the Eagles' two-minute offense: "There's no excuse for them being tired, this is the Super Bowl!"

Sideline reporter Pam Oliver noting that a fan shouted at motormouth Eagles receiver Freddy Mitchell: "Why haven't you caught any balls?"

The biggest laugh of the night: Paul McCartney taking off his coat in between songs. Everyone in the room laughed. The pants stayed on, however.

Funniest Ad of the Night: Lay's potato chips. A ball gets hit over the neighbor's fence. In an attempt to get on the neighbor's good side, the kids throw over a bag of Lay's. The ball is thrown back over the fence, followed by a lost dog, an old car, and then MC Hammer in his circa 1990 outfit. The kids throw MC Hammer back.

Second Funniest Ad of the Night: The second "Don't judge too quickly" ad from Ameriquest. This one features a man cooking a romantic dinner for his sweetheart. The cat knocks over the tomato sauce. His lady walks in while holding the tomato-stained cat and a knife.

Most Emotional Ad of the Night: The Anheiser-Busch ad where an airport terminal breaks into spontaneous applause when a group of US troops pass through. Classy, simple, and very moving.

First Thing I Though of When I Saw the Ad for Vin Diesel's New Movie, The Pacifier: "It's not a tumor!"

Worst Ad of the Night: I have one three letter abbreviation for the Gladys Knight ad: WTF!!

We got through nearly three quarters before being subjected to a sexual dysfunction ad. Yay!

The obligatory Gatorade shower not only soaked head coach Bill Belichek, but also got his dad. His dad coached at the Naval Academy, and decided to stay there as a coach so Bill could have some stability.

Timothy Goddard has a roundup of this years Super Bowl ads, and Kevin McCullough is among many who liveblogged the game (via Instapundit). The Super Bowl ads are up at

It was certainly a good year for New England sports fans.

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