Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Toy Story 

The insurgents' response to Iraqi elections: Taking brave American toy soldiers hostage. (AFP/OFF) Posted by Hello

With all the controversy and bloodshed in Iraq, it's really neat to have a story from Iraq that is sooo funny.

Was 'Abducted' U.S. Soldier a Toy?

DUBAI (Reuters) - A picture of an "abducted" U.S. soldier in Iraq (news - web sites) appeared on a Web site on Tuesday, but suspicion grew it was a hoax after a U.S. toy maker said it appeared to show a model soldier made by the company.

Predictably, bloggers have run with this story like comedians did when Fabio was hit by that goose. Why not, since it's just as funny? Some of the better write-ups are here, here, and here.

The more serious side of this story is very positive indeed. It's reassuring to know that terrorists can be so extraordinarily dumb. Through recent history, terrorists seem to be either comically stupid or frighteningly clever. One of the best examples is in the year 2000, when terrorists tried to drive a bomb-laden boat into the warship USS The Sullivans. It turns out the terrorists filled the boat with so much explosives that it sank, forcing the terrorists to swim back to shore. Sadly, the USS Cole was sucessfully hit a few months later using the same strategy in a less inept manner.

Of course, the US military is capable of some real doozies as well. In the 1999 Kosovo War the US military bombed of the Chinese embassy, which was supposedly caused by incorrect targeting due to an outdated map.

Still, it's a good sign that our enemies think they have to resort to staging faked hostage pictures to get their way.

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