Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Un-Oscars 

The not-much-coveted trophy. Picture from cineybso.comPosted by Hello

It's that time again when all the previous movies are compared to each other, the worthy get nominated and the winners get that famous trophy...

...worth $4.97.

The anti-Oscars, better know as the Razzies, are out for 2004. The biggest "winner" of the night was Halle Berry, Worst Actress for Catwoman. She is immediately the Coolest Person Ever, because she could laugh at herself enough to actually show up in person, accept the award, and give a speech:

"They can't take this away from me, it's got my name on it!" she quipped. A raucous crowd cheered her on as she gave a stirring recreation of her Academy Award acceptance speech, including tears.

She thanked everyone involved in "Catwoman," a film she said took her from the top of her profession to the bottom.

"I want to thank Warner Brothers for casting me in this piece of shit," she said as she dragged her agent on stage and warned him "next time read the script first."

It is rare for a Razzie winner to show up at the spoof awards held on the night before Oscars (news - web sites) -- but Berry did on Saturday, saying her mother taught her that to be "a good winner you had to be a good loser first." She received a standing ovation.

Halle, you rock.

Unfortunately, since this is still Hollywood, the awards had to get a bit political. President Bush won the awards for Worst Actor and one half of the Worst Couple (with either Condoleezza Rice or "My Pet Goat"). Donald Rumsfeld was named Worst Supporting Actor. I know Hollywood is pissed off at Republicans, but how could they pass up Vin Diesel for Chronicles of Riddick? Recount, recount!

I can't find a complete listing of 2004 Razzies winners yet, I'll update with a link when I find a site with all the winners.


that's funny. I didn't think she had a sense of humor.
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