Thursday, March 24, 2005

Enough Already 

I knew when I first started hearing about this story years ago that I was going to deliberately avoid it. My instincts have been proven right; it seems to have brought the very worst in nearly everyone involved. Everyone things they are so damned high and mighty on this. As for me, I'm still sorting out my feelings on the matter. And if my lack of moral clarity isn't good enough for some people, well they can go kiss my ass.

I just hope Terry eventually rests in peace, and I intent this to be all I write here on this matter.

UPDATE: If you're just dying to know what my stand on the case is (yeah, right), I find that I agree pretty much with this from Mean Mr. Mustard. Zipping my lips now.

I agree totally. You are not the only one who believes that letting the situation be in order to protect the greater good is much better than going over the deep end, and getting much worse in the future because of it.

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