Monday, March 21, 2005

Five Questions 

Here is my attempt to revive Caltechgirl's five questions to bloggers meme. I choose friend and Gaucho alum Helen as my victim subject. Here are your questions, Helen:

1.) Anyone who's read your blog knows Disneyland is a major part of your life. What is your all-time favorite story/memory of the park as a kid (before the current D-land crowd was in the picture)?

2.) You live in Redondo Beach. What make the RB/South Bay area so cool, and what sets it apart from places like Santa Monica, Hollywood, or (especially) the OC?

3.) Can you name common traits that exist in all the guys you've been attracted to? What do you consider sexy? (OK that's two, too bad).

4.) Hey movie buff, what's your all time favorite movie?

5.) Any good stories from the UCSB dorms?

You can give your answers in the comments and/or put in on your blog. Get to it!

Here are my answers:

1.)That one's easy. I still remember this birthday party I went to when I was about 8 or 9. A girl in my elementary school's parents basically paid for everyone in the class to go to D-land for her b-day. It was a great day...the burgers at the Village Haus seemed to taste
extra-good, and the class bully was too chicken to ride Thunder Mountain. Good times.

2.)It's close to LA and OC, but never seems busy. Low crime rate, close to the water, and everything I could possibly need. There are times when I'm driving by the water, and I'm just in heaven. There's this vibe about OC that I just can't stand...I dunno. The South Bay just seems like it's own little place, not part of LA County. I love it here.

3.)Fishing much? LOL First and foremost, I find that all the guys I've ever been attracted to have been total smartasses. They play with me, and I love it. You have to be able to give as good as you get. A lot of them have been the kind of guys where they have a very hidden side to them, that I want to uncover. I like having a secret with someone that no one else knows. Gotta be intelligent, and yes looks matter a bit. I don't have a type in looks, but sometimes looks can turn me off, I admit it.
-What's sexy? Wow...great question. A kiss that's perfect enough to give you butterflies, when a guy looks at me like he needs me and no one else, text messages when you're at the same table, playing freeway tag at 1am, e-mails that say "The way you're crossing your legs is driving me insane," intensity, passion, innuendo.

4.)My stock answer to this (every film major's least-favorite question) is City Lights for older films, and L.A. Story for newer ones. Chaplin...Martin...genius.

5.)Ben, you probably even have better ones than I do. There was the guys with the room above me freshman year, who always dumped their bong water out the window into the plants outside mine (totally gross). Oh! Or that time stoned Zak knocked on Alex and Sandro's door late at night, "Got any fooooood?" Then there was the time my roommate almost walked in on the two of us on the floor, and I ran to the door to tell her not to come in just Ahhh, the I miss their stupidity. When Candace didn't get the whole "Bill Clinton" reference on Halloween? That was classic.

Well, I suppose I have to continue on the tradition of posting 5 questions for someone else to answer in their blog. I'll think about it.
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