Monday, March 21, 2005


It's cold and rainy, which I don't mind at all. But my mood is like the weather, which I do mind. I've decided to get serious about the whole sleep thing, so today I set the alarm for 10am. As much as it pains me to write here, I have to admit that it was the earliest wake-up time for a non-appointment day in as long as I can remember.

Lately, I've occasionally gone up to the Bodega Marine Lab to help out there, but I have to get up at 6am to do that. This week, in addition to the 10am daily alarm, I'm going up tp BML twice, and tomorrow I promised to help out some at The Marine Mammal Center. It's my attempt to avoid Couch Potato-itis, and to keep my toe in the marine bio community. The downside is that I get up at 6am for three of five weekdays, and at 10am on the other two. This is after my body was used to waking up at noon. Bleeegh.

Lob listings add to my crankiness. Aside from the length of time if been looking (three months) and scarcity of quality positions, my biggest pet peeve is poorly written job postings. Hiring managers justifiably expect me to put for the most coherent, well-written resume and cover letter possible, yet some of them lazily pump out job postings that appear to be written by a cage full of monkeys. Case in point:

Job Code xx-xxxx.

Assures the accountability, cGMP compliance, and delivery of all samples and associated documentation submitted for QC testing. Maintain and audit sample delivery logbooks, audit all sample labeling and associated documentation for accuracy and cGMP compliance, transport of samples and sample documentation to QC testing laboratories, conducts investigations to resolve and document cGMP errors or other discrepancies associated with sampling, labeling, and/or sample documentation. Acts as a champion for QC Department philosophy to site managers and ensures QC standards are satisfied. Fosters interdepartmental communication to facilitate timely evaluation of product lots and proper validation of production processes. Nature & Scope-Principal Areas of Responsibilities: - Initiates LDV record for each sample - Verifies the integrity of incoming samples along with complete and accurate documentation - Maintains label and test document accountability records, issuing and accounting for all labels and test documentation associated with each sample. - Participates in conducting, resolving, and documenting all investigations of sample document errors and discrepancies. - Conducts all sample-specific activities for the QC laboratories: acquiring samples, accountability of samples, Labeling and storing samples, issuance of associated testing documentation, and conducting, resolving, and documenting sample-specific problems and discrepancies. - Interacts with Operations and QC laboratory supervisors to correct deficiencies and facilitate delivery of samples for testing. - Maintains sample storage conditions prior to and during delivery to labs - Maintains product retains for in-process and final container samples - Supports monthly product release by providing timely and accurate sample delivery - Performs inspection and sampling of all final container retain samples - Ensures accuracy and timeliness of LDV sample data, where QC Sample Management personnel initiate the LDV entry - Provides support for site projects - Fosters interdepartmental communication so that quality goals and timely production schedules can be attained. - Coordinates sterility sample shipment to contract labs

- Communicate with cross-functional partners to meet compliance requirements and release goals - Proficiency in relevant computer applications - Extensive knowledge of cGMP's, company specifications, and distribution-operating procedures is also required. - Effective communication skills, including proper grammar, are essential in order to report (both in writing and verbally) data and product impact. - Must posses keen assessment skills and the ability to distinguish insignificant deviations from significant deviations that jeopardize the integrity of the material to be released.

Needless to say, I didn't apply. After deciphering this, I'm not qualified (I think). No mention of years experience required, text entered as a one solid, eye-straining block without breaks. I love that effective communication skills are listed in the requirements; they didn't communicate effectively with me.

If anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area is looking for a biotech Manufacturing Associate, let me know! Email me or leave a note on the comments. I’ve had it with sitting around, and I’m missing the lab coat, latex gloves, and pipette. I’m more than ready to work.

P.S.: To read a very similiar rant, check out Caltechgirl's venting. Misery loves company.

yes. similar. Including a job bleg... hmmmm
Ha! Just because yours was first deosn't mean I wasn't already planning my own bitchfest. You just beat me to it.
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